Monday, July 16, 2018

Last early morning fishing at OSHINO in this year, I believe...

3:50 Ready for the rise at the lower section.

4:17 Just after his escaping...
I missed one good fish before it by FN pattern also.

4:22 2nd one by same FN pattern. Good pace!

It was a kind of foggy early morning today.

4:31 3rd good one.

I found that FN pattern got effective
in the end of KUROMADARA's season.

4:49 Last one as 4th at this hole.

Moved upstream.

5:13 5th tiny one by sight nymphing.

Getting brighter.

5:56 Got the biggest one today as 6th.

7:24 Very beautiful 7th one as the last fish of today by soft hackle pattern.

Good bye, OSHINO for a while.
I learned many things this year also, thanks a lot!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Gone Kayaking

11:33 Visited ASHINOKO lake once though, gave up boating because it was too hot even around the lake today...

13:45 Arrived at YAMANAKAKO lake.

Swan and Swan boat.

Let's Kayaking!

You got good at kayaking, my sugar!

Be careful.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Her piano reciatal

Her performance was best comparing with any of her practice. Good job, my sugar.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Explosion of FN pattern, first time this season

3:54 I bet on this FN pattern today, although it didn't work well yet this season.

Starting of rises for KUROMADARA was approximately around 4:10.

4:12 Very first catch by FN pattern.

Nice glow in the morning sky.

4:20 Good bow for 2nd one.

4:26 Good YAMAME as 3rd one, nice pace.

Most successful pace through this season.

4:34 Beautiful bow as 4th.

After KUROMADARA's hatch, I focused on the several quiet rises on upper stream. 

I spent difficult but fun time until 7:15 today.

So, likely I need to make a plan for next weekend.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Slow start and got better by spinner fall

3:45 Nobody there, of course.

4:32 Late first fish having orange tummy by #16 crippled dun. I couldn't get many rises for about 30 minutes today again. Need to find the reason... 

Moved upstream before 5AM.

6:47 2nd one was a kind of big boy by spent caddis pattern.

I could see several KUROMADARA's spinner having yellow egg, and spotty rises. So tied spinner pattern soon.

7:06 Superb wild bow as 3rd one!
I liked it very much, not so huge though.

Fish seemed to get interested in the surface of stream.

7:16 4th one as the last one.
KUROMADARA's spinner pattern was so effective this time flame today.
Got some bites though, couldn't catch them more.

7:35 Let's go back home.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Not easy game this morning again...

Rises got started around 4:10 though,
my fly didn't work for a while...

4:11 Just after first fish got escaped before taking its pic...

5:43 Several stonefies were seen there.

6:24 Very late 2nd and last one this morning.

Had not heavy rain sometimes during fishing.

7:00 Time to go back home, Lance.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Nice Fishing Trip in June with Tommy

Left Tommy's home before 4AM, and arrived the parking space at about 7:20. After making preparation, we left for the adventure around 7:40.
9:10 parked our bikes at the upper space.

10:07 Saw several duns and spinners on the spider's net.
Likely the mayfly's activity got started here.

11:20 This cicada chirping on the ground.
I got surely three strikes on my #14 brown thin bodied EHC, but could't catch them. Very bad start...

Weather was almost perfect sunny.
Took a short lunch and changed the fly to the ant pattern just for the change.

12:18 My very late 1st fish today(28.5cm), after serious three mistakes...
Showed very strong fight in the riffle.

12:31 2nd one.

12:48 got the 3rd one, good pace.

Today's match the hatch.

Let's keep fishing as long as fish's reaction continuing.

13:03 Beautiful one as 4th.

13:13 Just after 5th escaped before I took a pic...

13:52 6th fish. 6 fishes in about two hours.

13:55 Found the baetis dun there.
If it got so many there, I could have another fun.

14:31 We finished fishing at upper stream and went down looking for the good stream.

15:17 7th one was the best of today, 30cm!
It was just after restart fishing at lower stream.

I like this side B also. A kind of the proof of SYAKU-class's face. 
I used EHC once before this catch though, another fish just sniffed it. So I changed it to the ant pattern again.

15:54 Moved the the upper hole of the bridge.
And kept fishing in the evening.

16:17 Nice body colored 8th one, 28cm.

16:58 The last one as 9th.
He lurked in the middle deep depth close to the big rock.

18:15 Checked the lower section on the way to the gate.
As a result, it was not good condition this time.

18:39 We could stop fishing before the dark.
20:53 Sent the line message to curryman at usual noodle restaurant.
Could be back home just before the end of Sunday. Exhausted!!!

Speaking of Tommy, he likely had good fishing there also. In addition, he seems to have something attracting wild life. We saw one baby bear, many monkeys and deers, and one fox. I hope his power attracts big fish also for me.